About us

Our group has been performing since winter 2006/2007.

All of it started when the Comunity Centre in Cieszyn (Poland) organised the Jewish Culture Days.  The very first evening with Jewish Culture was organised  in 2003 and since then such events have taken place regularly. Within these cultural events were also organised dancing workshops, which became very popular among people.

Participants had a desire to create a group, that have meet regularly for dancing since December 2006. Finally, out of this group remained ten young people for whom dancing actually became a real passion. They desired to perform on stage and present their dancing skills. The first performance took place in 2007 in Cieszyn during the local Festival of Three Brothers.

After that the dancers received more invitations and that is how the official dancing group „Klezmer” came to exist. Klezmer music was originally connected with religious ceremonies but  later on it turned into the music played during the weddings and various celebrations.  It was performed mainly for dancing which, first of all, expressed sheer joy. This is how we can describe this type of dance – very joyful for all of us, so we want to pass this joy to others during our performances. We try to get to different groups of people.

Being a part of the group gives us not only joy but also a possibility of experiencing something together, seeing new places and knowing new people. It also helps to break through different barriers. Throughout the years we have performed several dozen times during the various festivals, concerts and events in many places in Poland and Czech Republic. Participating in the group is also a great way of spending your free time.

If you like dancing and you wand to experience this joy, we invite you for our workshops and for the rehearsals of the Klezmer group. We saw people who came to the workshops being in depression, but after the dance when they were leaving, their faces were radiant with smile.  You can meet us every friday in the Community Centre in Cieszyn (Main Square).

At 4:30 p.m. we start workshops, where we teach easier dances. The workshops are open for everybody. The rehearsals of the Klezmer group take place at 6:00 p.m. after the workshops are finished. It is worth to come irrespective of your skills. Enthusiasm and readiness is enough to start and we will take care of the rest together.

We invite especially men to join the Klezmer because the part of the Jewish dances, particularly hasidic dances, are performed mainly by men. The Klezmer group is led by Dorota Herok – a graduate of Christian School of Drama, Pantomime and Dance, where she learnt from an American actress and dancer Kathleen Ann Thompson. Dorota has been involved in Jewish dancing for over ten years. She regularly leads workshops in many places in Poland and abroad. She develops her knowledge about dance during the yearly workshops in Israel where she learns from Israeli dancers and choreographers.